Structural Design & Calculations

Professional Structural design in the UK

Professional Structural design in the UK

Structural design is a vast field encompassing many targeted services that are aimed at providing efficient and cost-effective services to create sustainable buildings. In simplest terms, structural design services include investigation of this site and the building, analysis and finally, a sustainable design that is in sync with local regulations. As one can observe, it is a vital part of the architectural design process, but it can also be quite complicated. So the best course of action one could take is to hire a professional Structural design services provider in the UK, and that is precisely what Jay Executions offers.

We are one of the leading architectural design companies based in the UK, providing the finest structural design services for many years. Our services are comprehensive and are suitable for both residential and commercial properties. We are also a firm believer in fair and transparent pricing. For us at Jay Executions, nothing is more critical than providing our clients with satisfactory solutions suited to their requirements.

Our structural design services

  • Investigation

Site investigation and compiling a report based on the existing building and the status they are in. The report would cover critical elements like defects present, the causes for the same, and any kind of repair that has been done or is recommended in the future.

  • Analysis

Our team of highly experienced structural engineers would analyse and determine the stress that is on the building as well as on the building elements from both external and internal forces. The analysis phase is quite crucial for determining the structural safety of the construction in question.

structural design services
Structural Design & Calculations
  • Design

Approving a final design that aligns with the local laws and regulations. The proposed design will not only be based on the relevant building regulations, but it will also ensure the structural integrity and stability of the building, something that the property owners do not often consider.

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